Six Ways CRM Can Help Your Business Now

Running a business can be stressful and time-consuming. Even if you’re doing everything you can, you could fall short simply because business there’s been a small change in your market – for example, perhaps customers have started making specific purchases off Facebook. The Internet age does mean that even small to medium businesses now potentially have a global reach, but it also means new challenges in a realm not even the experts can grasp completely.

It’d be beneficial then to consider augmenting your business with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, so your business can achieve peak performance in the augmented digital world – and you can start to catch the trends as the emerge. Here are six ways CRM can help your business right now.

1. Better Optics

CRMs will provide you with better optics. What this means is that you’ll have a complete overview of your business, in terms of its mechanics, your employees, and most importantly your customer base. The optics will show you how things are running, how your employees are performing, and how your customers are responding.

All of this taken together will help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. With this information you can adjust your strategy for optimal results, giving both your staff and customers exactly what they need.

2. Manage and Convert Leads

Better performance all around will see you convert more sales leads into paying customers. However, CRM can help you be even more specific. With CRMs you can construct sales funnels to structure the journey your leads will experience. Funnels can be finely tuned, going off your optics, in order to maximise conversion rates.

A properly constructed funnel will be able to up-sell when a lead is hot, or even down-sell when a lead is cold to ease off, but still keep them engaged. You can also manage leads by keeping track of their online behaviour in order to adjust your approach even further, to give them exactly what they want. Sales for you, satisfaction for them.

3. Better Support For Your Staff

CRMs can help your staff in two big ways. Firstly, they can share in the data you’re getting in order to perform more optimally. This will eliminate any guesswork so they can learn and respond in real-time, gaining skills that will make them more efficient workers overall. The second way it can help them is by taking care of mundane tasks like compiling email lists, responding to email lists, and automatically sending support tickets through.

The elimination of the mundane will boost employee morale, and free them up to devote more time to tasks that CRM can’t do, like brainstorming and interacting with customers personally. It’s a better experience for your employees, which ultimately means a better experience for your customers, and more bang for your buck.

4. Better Customer Service

Knowing and being able to deliver exactly what your customers want, with employees that are more attentive and knowledgeable, means better customer service. It doesn’t matter how good a product is if the customer service is bad or even just subpar. A poor experience can put a customer off for life, and word travels fast, which could lead to a ripple effect.

If you’re performing well though, this ripple can work in your favour, with the appreciation of your service spreading too. Boost your performance and your clientele will notice and tell their friends.

5. Better Customer Retention

Excellent service is likely to win you loyalty from your customers, which means better customer retention. This will help cut spending because you’ll have a sitting base of buyers who you don’t have to work to win over. CRM can help facilitate this retention by monitoring trends among customers so that you can keep giving them what they want or adjusting to give them something new if you notice they’re seeking something you’re not offering yet.

Email automation through CRM can help you stay present in your customers’ minds and be used for outreach in the form of surveys to stay on top of your customers’ desires.

6. Remarketing to Improve Bottom Lines

For a more direct approach to existing customers, CRM can help with remarketing to improve your bottom line. Through the use of cookie tracking and tools like Facebook pixel, you can follow your customers in order to advertise dynamically. CRM will know their purchase history, and therefore be able to market choice products to them, that they’re likely to purchase.

Cart abandonment is another underrated feature. If customers click away before purchasing, CRM can remind them by sending them an email prompting them to checkout.

There you have six ways CRM can help your business right now. Implementation is easy, especially when you have a CRM consultant assisting. All you have to do is set your campaigns to work, and you’ll be receiving information to act on in no time.